English Title: Dawn Of The Homeless
Chinese Title: 曙光足球
Executive Producer: Hermia Leung (RTHK)
Director: Alan LAU, Kin Lun / 劉健倫
Camera: Alan LAU, Kin Lun / 劉健倫
Editor: Alan LAU, Kin Lun / 劉健倫
Production Company: Zocalo Cultural Development

Silver Hugo
Dawn Of The Homeless, Chicago International Film Festival, the 43rd INTERCOM Competition.

Dawn Of The Homeless, Gold Panda International Documentary
The Sichuen TV Festival

Dawn Of The Homeless 《曙光足球》, a 30-minutes documentary produced in 2006.
:"We need to learn to give opportunities to other people. Although Hong Kong has gone through SARS and a period of financial turmoil, as long as we persist and grasp every opportunity, we can get always back on our feet again each time we encounter failure."

Refusing to join the rat race, Ng Wai-tung decided to become a social worker after graduating from university. He has always had a compassion for the poor and the under-privileged, and one of his ambitions is to help the homeless get up on their feet and integrate into society again. Inspired by the Homeless World Cup, Ng Wai-tung decided to organise a Hong Kong homeless football team.

Chu Pat, also known as "Eighth", is 58 years old and has been a gambling addict since his youth. Unfortunately, gambling eventually ruined his family and made him homeless. Chu Pat tried to commit suicide but could not gather enough courage to kill himself. With Tung's guidance and encouragement, Chu Pat finally stood on his feet again and found a job. He also became a member of the soccer team representing Hong Kong in the Homeless World Cup that was held in South Africa.

In South Africa, the Hong Kong team experienced a tough time playing against many strong teams from different countries. However, they soon regained their composure, confidence and self-respect. Together, they have encountered experiences that are both memorable and invaluable in helping them to re-establish their lives back in Hong Kong.




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