English Title: Initial Bike
Chinese Title: ¡E]EgQ
Producer: Prof. Nancy TONG, Mei Yu (City University of HK, SCM)
Executive Producer: Hermia H.W.Leung(RTHK)
Director: Alan LAU, Kin Lun
Camera: Alan LAU, Kin Lun
Editor: Alan LAU, Kin Lun,
Production Company: Zocalo Cultural Development
Copyright: RTHK


Midnight Playground(¡E]EgQ), a 30-minutes documentary is initiating in Sept., 2005.


Hong Kong is a lively city; Tsim Sha Tsui is a mid-night paradise for most of the teenagers. Ah Man and Ah Fok are two of them that we can find in the terrace in Cultural Centre almost every night.

They said that they have rode bicycle for 2 years, Tsim Shan Tsui is a check point for them, and the starting point is in Cheung Sha Wan, pass through Nathan Road, stop at Tsim Sha Tsui, then go to Sai Kung or other farther places. Sometimes, they are discriminated or even blocked by police, but they still go on because they enjoy cycling, they enjoy the time they ride as fast as wind, and enjoy grouping with friends so that they can share with each other. This is the best way to evade from reality. Ah Man told me, an 18-year-old boy, is an express delivery in Tsim Sha Tsui district. Its a hard job for him, he has to get back to office at 7:00am every morning and work until 5:00pm, and he has to deliver more than 500 orders within 10 hours. Moreover, he is so new that scold by customers all the time. But he told himself that he should work hard and be patient to those bad customers, he is no longer a child anymore, so he should count on himself instead of asking parents for money everyday, career becomes important at his age, he didnt want to lead a life like 2 years ago, just got 20 dollars inside the pocket.

Ah Fok, 17-year-old, stopped school at his 15 and worked as a temporary driver assistant, when there is no duty for him, he idles at home or go to game centre for whole day, sometimes go to bar with friends at midnight, that is his life, he also concluded that most of the teenagers dont think too much, they dont have any plans for their future lifeK.. Meanwhile, being a fireman is his dream career; he tried to apply in the fire department, but he was turned down because he didnt meet the minimum academic requirement of being a fireman. Whats his future? He is confused.

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