English Title: All about the Teacher
Chinese Title: 老師•我•老師
Producer: Prof. Nancy TONG, Mei Yu (City University of HK, SCM)
Executive Producer: James MA (RTHK)
Director: Zhenzi WANG, Alan LAU, Kin Lun
Camera: Alan LAU, Kin Lun, Zhenzi WANG
Editor: Alan LAU, Kin Lun, Zhenzi WANG
Production Company: Zocalo Cultural Development

20.11.05> The National “Top Ten Television Documentaries (Short Film) Award 2004-05”<中國電視藝術家協 會紀錄片委員會04-05年度十佳作品>

Organized by the China Television Artists Association, the China Education Television and the Communication University of China

24.02.06> The Chinese Woman League: 04-05 Special-Friendship Production Award <第二屆女性風采優秀電視作品展 -- "04-05年特別友情製作"作品>

Organized by the China Television Artists Association (中國電視藝術家協會), The Chinese Woman League (中華全國婦女聯合會宣傳部), 國務院婦女兒童工作委員會.

All about the Teacher (老師•我•老師), a 30-minutes documentary produced in 2004.
Story background: After the hand-over of HongKong, the relationship between mainland and Hong Kong is being closer and closer. Over 10,000 of free-walkers come to Hong Kong everyday. Someone claims that it's good to Hong Kong because it pushes the economy moving forward, but someone claims that the policy is pulling Hong Kong backward in term of political and social order. In a way, it's true that the differences of culture and social life between mainland and Hong Kong make a conflict and discrimination in between.

Synopsis: It's about an exchange student from China, - Zhenzi. As a new comer, she has to face the challenges of language barrier. She has no friends, no classmates, no sense of how to break the ice of communication problem. What can she do?
One day, Zhenzi steps in a classroom, it's a fun and full of enjoyment class. A volunteered cantoness teacher called Chao, he is conducting a lecture to 30 students from China. Zhenzi found that Chao is not only a teacher of teaching dialect, he is also teaching his student the attitude of life, the way of living......

"All About The Teacher" has been selected to participate overseas documentary competitions, include: Amsterdam Documentary Award Competition, Beijing Documentary Competition and Shanghai Documentary Competition.

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