In the years during which weve grown to become a production and post-production company, Zocalo Visual Graphic has carefully maintained a flexibility of approach that allows us to take on projects of any scale. We are now ready to face the challenges of any big projects, from commercials to long-form TV to the biggest budget movie.

By doing so, we bring the right tools to bear on every job, whether its adding text to a commercial, immaculate blue-screen composite or full 3D scene. We use advanced and high-end software to complete different tasks.

Matte Painting:
Using digital technology to enhance a process that goes back to the dawn of cinema, our Matte Painting team have created some astonishing illusions. Click on the images for a closer look.

What we do with film effect?
Set Extension / Matte Paintings
Bluescreen/Greenscreen comps
Weather Changes
Head Replacement
Head Removal

Film Showreel


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