ADVERTISING is a paid form of communicating a message by the use of various mass media such as magazines, radio and broadcasting channels. It is persuasive, informative, and designed to influence purchasing behavior or thought patterns.

Most animation houses simply execute a concept. Mediafreaks adds value to the most important element of an advertising campaign by going beyond to brainstorm what the advertisement really needs and suggesting what animated concepts would best bring out the marketing message. For this reason, Mediafreaks is a key choice for producing animated commercials for many companies.

With our good experiences and high quality control, Zocalo-CD is reputably established in production field. Our long term clients include: suntop (Denmark), sunquick (Saudi Arabic), sunlolly (Denmark), Proactive-DDB (Saudi Arabic) and Government sectors(OSHC, Dept.of Health, SDS......)


TVC Showreel

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+ Tasali-2006 (DDB Saudi-Arabia)
+ Merchant Bank (Mainland China)
+ Sunquick
+ Mailo Express
+ Mirando
+ Fast Speed Cam Demo
+ Moussy (DDB Arabia)
+ Suntop2005 (Co-Ro Food - Denmark)


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