Concept Development:
Our definition: Concept is the ideas and creative thought process involved in marketing an organization, product or an idea. This usually follows a strict plan to ensure successful results:

I) Research:
The key to developing conceptual solutions. During this phase, we determine the scope of the job. The thoroughness of information we obtain in this phase often determines the success of the entire project. Steps of this process include:
1> Determining the market or audience
2> Choosing the most effective means of reaching them
3> Defining the goals and objectives

II) Concept and Design:

The phase when potential solutions are conceived and developed, based upon information we gathered in the first phase. At the conclusion of this phase, the final designs and copy are completed, then reviewed and approved. The tasks we accomplish include:
1> Developing the overall conceptual approach and design
2> Preparing comprehensive layouts for review
3> Review and refine

III) Implementation:

The phase when the final artwork, illustrations and copywriting are done. All ready-made things are prepared clearly and accurately for maximum efficiency for production.



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